Bottles and Pipettes filled with colours liquids on a stainless steel table.


Based in Toronto, we are a boutique cosmetic research, development, and contract manufacturing studio. Informed by our 20 years of experience in cosmetic engineering, we collaborate with founders and brands to provide end-to-end support for product development.

It’s our belief that the foundation of a good formula begins and ends with the health of our bodies and planet. This philosophy drives our research which helps us create new solutions to old problems that evolve with our ever-changing needs.

Our Approach

We believe that intentional product development is at the heart of a great company. Taking a collaborative approach, we keep you informed and in the loop every step of the way. Alongside supplying formulations and product development solutions, we are dedicated to delivering opportunities. EC Studios serves as the entry point for businesses of all sizes to venture into the beauty business by providing industry-low minimum orders and unparalleled transparency in the process.

We aim to influence forward movement in the world of cosmetics by practicing sustainability, honesty, and accountability.