A Skincare Research Lab

We specialize in the design and development of custom personal care products.

Face, Body & Hair Care. Home & Fragrance. Pet Health. Clean, Science-Driven & Natural Formulations.

An end-to-end process that streamlines innovation.

We take a systems approach to product development, ensuring sustainability is integrated across the entire process, starting with ingredient sourcing and continuing through manufacturing.

We're your partners in development and beyond. Start with our R&I services and access 360 support with our Creator's Club membership.

Our Global Network

We like to keep our clients involved every step of the way, a unique approach that allows for transparency, greater communication, and collaborative innovation that’s reflected in the end result.

More Details

  • What makes us different?

    We combine science, business, and creativity to develop products aligned with your brand identity, budget and growth plans.

    Where are you located?

    507 King Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada.

  • What products do you make?

    Skincare, Body Care, Hair Care, Home Care, and Pet Health products.

    What products do you not make?

    Colour cosmetics and OTC products.

  • What are your MOQs?

    Our minimum order quantity starts at 1000 units and can scale to accommodate orders of up to 100,000 units.

    What influences your lead time?

    Ingredient lead time and production schedule.

    How does manufacturing work with us?

    We introduce you to our trusted manufacturing partners.

    Where are your manufacturing partners located?

    Canada and USA.

  • Do you offer packaging support?

    We have global packaging partners from Italy to Taiwan.

    What kind of testing do you provide?

    We conduct a two-week chamber incubation and provide support, assisting in finding quotes and partners for stability, compatibility, and claim studies.

  • Do I own the IP to my product?

    Yes. You are the owner of your product.

    What does it mean to own your own IP?

    You have the ownership and exclusive rights to your custom formulation.

  • Ingredient suppliers?

    We work with international and local ingredient suppliers. We are always looking for partners that utilize biotechnology, upcycling and innovation - from France to Japan. 

    Fragrance suppliers?

    We work with labs in Paris, Toronto, and the USA for fragrance development tailored to your needs.