Research & Innovation

Custom formulas tailored to your vision.

Your Vision, Your Formula.

Our Process

Streamlining innovation through collaboration and transparency.

  • Discovery

    Our journey begins with understanding what your brand stands for and what your product aims to achieve. We dive deep into the heart of your vision and target audience, crafting the concept for a product that resonates with your brand's mission.

  • Ingredients

    We bring your project to our team of experts to source innovative and scientifically advanced ingredients from our global network of suppliers. We meticulously curate ingredients tailored to your specific needs, be it sustainability or meet clean beauty standards.

  • Development

    This phase is centered on meticulous precision—carefully blending, testing, and refining to perfect everything from texture to efficacy. We craft prototypes of your product, collaborating closely with you to ensure the final result precisely meets your vision.

  • Handover

    Upon project completion, we provide you with all essential handover documents, guaranteeing your full intellectual property rights. This package comprises the INCI list, formulation techniques, and everything required for scaling your product effectively. Additionally, we offer quotes from our vetted third-party testing and manufacturing partners to facilitate the next steps in your journey.