Innovation Through Collaboration.

We're your passport to the world of beauty.

Who We Are.

Established in 2021, EC Studios is a family-owned research and development house specializing in developing premium cosmetics. With 25 years of expertise in cosmetic science and startups, we blend the technical precision of chemical engineering with creative, forward-thinking vision.

In a world of sameness, our mission is to develop products that truly are better for us and our planet. To achieve our mission, we tap into a global network of world-leading laboratories and upcycled ingredient suppliers, large and niche fragrance houses, and manufacturing partners in both the US and Canada.

What Makes Us Different?

By combining art, science, and business, we includes brands throughout the entire process, allowing for greater control, transparency, and faster innovation. Working closely with our partners, we create better products that meet the evolving needs of consumers. Taking a systems approach to product development, we ensure that sustainability is integrated across the entire production cycle. We provide understanding of your vision, research, formula development, manufacturing, business resources, and design and packaging resources.