Connecting people, places, and things.

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A Global Community

A platform that gives you unparalleled access to on-demand support and a global network of vendors.

A marketplace / platform that enables brands to design, create, and manufacture cosmetic products by connecting them with a curated network of the world’s best experts and suppliers. Brands gain a strategic partner that amplifies their operational capabilities and supports sustainable growth.

Bridging the gaps between creativity, resources, and opportunities for cosmetics brands worldwide.

Our Type of Members

  • Established Brands

    Allow us to be an integral part of your extended team. As insiders in the industry, we stay on top of the latest advancements and forthcoming trends. With a deep understanding of your brand and product roadmap, we proactively seek out ideas, components, and suppliers that align with your future objectives to support your growth.

  • New Brands

    Don't know where to start? As a brand, we've been there. You have an idea, but are unsure how to actualize it. Building a brand involves a wide range of tasks, from branding, to shipping, and everything in between, and it can be overwhelming. EC Studios offers guidance on the tools and resources necessary to help you stay competitive and innovative. Your success is our success!