We work closely with brands and founders to better understand their vision and product positioning. We consider the marketing strategy, ingredient preferences, and target audience to guide our research. Using an iterative process, we develop bespoke and innovative product prototypes.

Our expertise includes face care, body care, hair care and some home care. We specialize in sustainable product development. 


We know that minimum orders can be a huge barrier of entry for many aspiring brands and we offer the lowest in the industry. This allows you to accelerate your brand faster, more efficiently and with less risk. As your brand grows, we help you scale as high as needed. 

Private labeling services are available. You can launch your brand today by using one of our already made formulas. 


We provide one-off formulation and concept ideation support for existing and aspiring brands. As a small startup ourselves, we know there is a lot to do and it all takes time. Tap into our network of creatives, brand builders, and web designers to help bring your vision to life.